Ankündigung zu einem öffentlichen Gastvortrag am Lehrstuhl Dolmetschen für Deutsche Gebärdensprache an der Universität zu Köln.

Hier zusammengefasst die wichtigsten Infos:
WANN: am Donnerstag, den 19.12.2019 von 16:00-17:30 Uhr
WO: im Raum 9, 1. OG (Besprechungsraum), Klosterstr. 79b
WER: Prof Donna Jo Napoli, Swarthmore College (Pennsylvania, USA)

One hand versus two in signing shapesWe were interested in understanding whether mathematical properties of an object’s shape affect the ways in which these objects are represented in the visual modality. To answer this question, we conduced two types of survey: (1) we asked signers from six different sign languages to draw object shapes in the air, focusing in particular on whether signers use one hand or two; (2) we surveyed an entire dictionary of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, isolating signs for which the hands draw (part of) the outline of the signified entity. We found two factors that emerged as highly significant with respect to use of one moving hand or two. We propose the Lexical Drawing Principle, which can be applied to the lexicon as well as to drawings of entities.

Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten und in DGS gedolmetscht.
(Pamela Perniss)